Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - NaKom DGS Test

German Sign Language Production Test Narrative Competences (NaKom DGS Test)

In this project the “British Sign Language Production Test - Narrative Skills“
by R. Herman et al.* is adapted to German Sign Language since October 2017. The aim of the test is to assess sign language narrations from children in regard to their narrative competences and some linguistic categories of sign language production.
To analyze sign language acquisition processes concerning these competences sign language 120 narrations of children aged 4-11years were filmed and are evaluated in the PhD-project by Vera Kolbe.




*Herman, Rosalind; Grove, Nicola; Holmes, Sallie; Morgan, Gary; Sutherland, Hilary; Woll, Bencie (2004): Assessing British Sign Language Development: BSL Production Test (Narrative Skills). London. City University Publication



Vera Kolbe


Claudia Becker